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Lois Main Templeton

The Studio Book: Finding Your Way

The Studio


"Make it your own... a tree house, the prow of a ship.  Turn up the music, stretchout your arms, careen around the room.  Turn the tape low and become a small, insignificant presence in a huge, white, empty, silent box."


May, 1993

"While one is painting and drawing, an on-going relationship develops between the artist and the work.  During this give and take, these two disparate elements must come to terms. Gradually the painting becomes independent.  The work helps the artist see farther; the artist adds cohesiveness to the work."

Who Makes the Sun Rise?

Who Makes The Sun Rise? Indeed! Samuel, the loveable rooster, was sure he had the magical power, but one day Samuel learned a lesson for life – humility.


A universal, timeless tale filled with stunning original paintings, vivid color, humor, wisdom and adventure, Who Makes The Sun Rise? will engage children and adults time and again.  This book — a work of art in itself — is a happy collaboration of two abstract painters whose vivid imaginations were inspired by the old folk tale to be found in the ancient Parsee parable of Paradaro the Cock.

Readers and storytellers will not only find a story filled with visual cues for rhythm and cadence, they will delight in a sensory experience with each turn of the page. Readers and the read-to will want to discuss the lessons Samuel learns on his journey of discovery. Who Makes The Sun Rise? is a treasure to be shared among generations.

Lois Main Templeton
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