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Oct. 14th

So what’s new? Well, yesterday we caught the weekly van- ride to the grocery store, PO, Bank, what have you. (At 91 and 87, neither of us drives anymore) Paintings dry slowly in a Maine winter, which is cold and humid. No matter what the colors say, winter is on the way. Needing a heater cum fan to blow at those paintings, I made a dash for a nearby hardware store and did so with such” Viggah” that I ended up all wuzzy. Clutching the boxed heater in both arms, but decidedly a little caddywumpus, I borrowed a cart and set off, back to the grocery store.... right here I have to leave you, having subsequently gotten in over my head at the produce department. Stay tuned.

What would YOU do with 2 heads of romaine, 1 inch ginger root, 2 Granny Smith apples, a handful of baby kale, 4 stalks of celery, 2 leftover garden salads, and one peeled lime?

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