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From the Preface to Finding Your Way:

When the photographer Jacob Katz was in Guatemala, two little girls of the village adopted him. Every afternoon, as he returned from a shoot, they ran to him, their eyes dark with excitement: What had he done? where had he gone? What had he seen? The children were deaf. Since he could not speak to them, he opened his pockets. They burrowed inside, exclaiming over his findings, his day's treasures and mysteries.

Each of us lives a life beyond telling, full of its own treasures and mysteries. The studio journals are my pockets. Paintings and poetry rework one's life experiences. they are to be read not as explanations but, like Jacob's pockets, as simple revelations.

When visiting an artist's studio, we hope to see both the work and a little of what lies behind that work...

A studio is a place for finding one's own voice, an identity uniquely one's own. However differently each of us may express his or her identity as an artist, the need to be honest to one's own nature is common. That questions raised in the studio are equally alive for all of us in our personal lives should come as no surprise

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