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October 5th

So many artists live here that our residential Inn, Dirigo Pines, is having a show of our work in October. My studio walls are covered with wet canvasses, so I am loaning Song of the Dingy (our “above the couch” piece). We will miss it –it wears well.

Pam and Lev Rothenberg shook loose from Indy this summer to join us in Maine, where we had a ball; checked out the International Sculpture Symposium, drove over to Mt Dessert Island for a sail out of Northeast Harbor, slept, ate, and generally goofed off. I am reminded of all this when catching sight of their little coffee mug –made by a Down-East ceramicist. I am supposed to use it for coffee; but it is too exquisite, and still perches on a window sill in our living room.

From where I sit here, I look up and see the old glass-fronted, mahogany “secretary”-- my grandparents’ wedding present to their daughter. Inside one sees stacks of Quimper, a china made in (of all places) Quimper, France. A small water color done by our son John is taped to one of the glass panes. So far so good---but on the very top is a stuffed cotton lobster wearing a cowboy hat who dangles, leering, above it all.

At 6 am, it is still pitch dark here in The State of Maine. (One does not refer simply to “Maine”, but to the whole thing). By 11:00 we shall line up for Brunch: melon, sweet rolls, cheezes, shrimp, smoked oysters, salmon, pancakes, waffles, bacon ‘n sausages---oh, the desserts are over there.

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