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Lois Starts A Chatty Little Blog

These are what I came up with while waiting for a van ride. I guess they are just starters for a little chatty blog?

“Mint jelly” reads the note. No matter what the chef does, this man needs mint jelly with his lamb.

Here is how to visit a museum:

Pretend that you are a big old vaccum cleaner. Go through the galleries, taking everything in without judging---especially the stuff you don’t like.

After an hour or two, find a quiet place where you can sit down and NOT look at anything! Shake out that bag and peer at the contents. Pick out 3 that want to be visited again. Go back to them.

This spring’s bear cub has come back. No place like home. By now, though, he weighs 400-500 pounds. I’d planned to take a walk in our woods, but am not so sure this morning.

This one is on its way by e-mail to the parents of our 10 great grandchildren, who might, otherwise, grow up not knowing it.

Animal crackers and cocoa to drink

That is the finest of meals, I do think.

When I am grown and can do as I please,

I’m sure I shall always insist upon these.

Christopher Morley

Things are getting serious around here. No feeding the birds anymore. Why? The bear comes round and scarfs it all up.

When I finish painting for the day, I leave the studio door open when I leave so that the guys who put up the walls can see what’s going on.

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